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C2C Earth Changes and America

Subscribe @ for the biggest archive on Youtube. Futurist, teacher, and author Gordon-Michael Scallion(1) returned to give an update on his visions of upcoming Earth changes. Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans tragedy are an example that the frequency and magnitude of such changes are on the rise, he said. The whole planet is heating up and going through a “metamorphosis” that is triggered by magnetic shifts and movements in the Earth’s core, he explained. The next big event will probably take place on the West Coast, which he eventually sees as breaking into a series of islands. As parts of America become submerged, he foresees new land masses arising, such as an area the size of Texas that will appear between Hawaii and the mainland. Development on this new land will probably not begin in earnest into the latter half of this century, he added. Scallion also mentioned a breakthrough in technology that would allow telescopes to clearly see the surfaces of planets in our solar system, as well as extrasolar bodies. He also shared a vision he had when visiting the Great Pyramid in Egypt. In the vision he learned the purpose of the pyramid was not as a tomb, but rather as an out-of-body machine that allowed people to astrally travel to other star systems. A great lens the size of a Volkswagen and other equipment that tuned in to the Earth’s vibrations were utilized in the process. He also noted that air-lifting devices that looked similar

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Nostradamus 2012 and Other Mysteries !!

Nostradamus 2012 and Other Mysteries !! ………………………………………………………….. For more Breaking News Plse Subscribe here My Channel Link My Breaking News Playlist Link …………………………………..

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LEAKED: Vivos Underground Shelters Revealed

The Vivos network of underground shelters is very real. Watch this video tour of one of the massive shelters built to withstand a 20 megaton blast from just 2 miles. This is one of the smallest Vivos shelters, with accommodations for just 80 people for up to one year of autonomous underground survival. The largest provides shelter for over 2000 people. At complete build out Vivos will save about 6000 people – 1 in every 1 million people on Earth in these impervious shelters. Something is coming. Vivos is prepared for all of the predicted risks, whenever they may occur – in 2012, 2013 or beyond. Vivos is the only co-ownership community shelter network on the planet. Limited space is still available for those that qualify. Members are now boarding. Don’t be left on the other side of the door!

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coast to coast am – Possession & Visions (Coast To Coast AM)

coast to coast am WATCH THE LATEST UPDATED VIDEO HERE coast to coast am – Possession & Visions (Coast To Coast AM) Date: 02-04-07 Host: Art Bell Guests: Gordon-Michael Scallion Futurist, author, and metaphysician, Gordon-Michael Scallion, shared his latest insights on the state of the planet and what is in store for it. He spoke about the rise of possession due to increased activity in the lower astral realms coupled with societal problems that can make people more susceptible to negative influences. Non-physical entities can impress themselves onto physical forms via the etheric body, he explained. He cited the Middle East as a region that could be thought of as possessed. Scallion shared one of his visions of the future in which Israel drops a number of tactical nukes on Iran. But he conceded that his timeline for predicted earth changes was off, though he still believes they will take place– in fact, he said the magnetic pole shift has already begun. He sees wind and drought to be a major factor this year, in places where they wouldn’t necessarily be expected to occur. Scallion presented several methods for fending off possession and negative influences. By aligning your bed 15 degrees east of magnetic north, you can give yourself a “nightly tune-up,” with improved dream recall, memory and health. The playing of certain music such as Baroque can help clean up the aura, as well as placing an indigo-colored glass on a window during morning light and

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Survival Skills 2012 – Cody Lundin

Founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School, Cody Lundin shared survival tips from backwoods self-reliance to urban disaster mitigation. Less than 7% of the US population is prepared to deal with a disaster, he reported. The biggest cause of death in such situations is from hypothermia (cold) or hyperthermia (heat), so regulation of body temperature is key, he said. Having alternative heating/cooling sources is useful, he noted, adding that individual homes typically have “microhabitats” where one room will retain heat or be cooler. During the Katrina disaster, many victims did not know simple ways to disinfect water. One method he described involves putting water in a plastic liter container (the kind that soda is sold in) and simply leaving in the sun for six hours. The sun’s UV radiation kills off germs. Lundin also discussed how to deal with a corpse during a disaster, noting that dead bodies don’t spread disease, unless they died of one. To keep up morale among the living, it’s important to have some type of closure ritual for the deceased, even if they are just being temporarily buried or wrapped in plastic.

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Coast To Coast AM: Planet X & 2012 4-10-2011 Download Link

DOWNLOAD LINK: FOLLOW ON TWITTER: Date: 04-10-11 Host: Rob Simone Guests: Marshall Masters, Robert Young Pelton Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by former CNN science features news producer, Marshall Masters, who discussed the connection between Planet X and 2012 as well as how they relate to Edgar Cayce’s predictions and the Kolbrin Bible. He detailed how his research began with attempting to determine the cause of global warming, which led to the conclusion that the changing weather patterns are primarily driven by the sun. In trying to find the source of the sun’s erratic behavior, Masters and his research colleagues ultimately concluded, after ruling out all other factors, that there must be “an interloper” in the solar system, ie Planet X, that is affecting the sun. According to him, they based this determination on measured perturbations in the orbits and atmospheric upheavals of the other planets in the solar system. On the nature of Planet X, Masters surmised that it is likely a brown dwarf in a “long period elliptical orbit” where it “zooms in and zooms out” of the solar system. He speculated that the object has a 3600 year orbit and that its last appearance was what caused the infamous “ten plagues of Exodus.” In light of that, Masters contended that we are currently “at the cusp of one of these catastrophic, punctuated events in our planet’s timeline.” Connecting the object with the Mayan Calendar, Masters said that the sun’s activity

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David Sereda on Quantum Communication, the Body Electric, & the 2012 Interstellar Cloud 3/8 [HD]

PLAYLIST: | A big shift of energy could be coming in 2012 that is going to affect every living thing on the planet, and possibly trigger quakes and other sudden earth changes, said scientist, filmmaker & mystic ecologist David Sereda. The solar system may have entered such a new field of energy on December 22, 2010, which set off a chain of events, including the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn, the strange bird and animal die-offs, and an early sunrise in Greenland (related to a wobble of the Earth and the moving of the magnetic pole), Serada outlined. David Sereda’s latest research on the Earth’s pole shift and why the sunrise has been early, the bird die-off, quantum electro-dynamics, and 2012, as well as new children being born with advanced abilities are discussed at length. Pointing out that the human body has an electrical magnetic field, he noted that it can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from different parts of the galactic plane, as the Earth moves through it. Children born into the current cosmic energy have new DNA that enables them to talk to angels or with entities on the Other Side, he suggested. Or in some cases, they can even physically pop in and out of dimensions and disappear for a time, he reported. Their higher vibration of consciousness may tie into the idea of the Rapture, with people moving into another dimension. Sereda also shared some of his personal mystical and paranormal experiences such

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2012 Change, Apocalypse And The End Of The World David Icke, John Major Jenkins, George Noory

Will 2012 mark be the end of the world? Have we been warned? Is the Mayan calendar a warning sign? In this riveting documentary, filmmaker Shaahin Cheyene explores the mysteries of 2012. This extraordinary film contains a rare and never before seen interviews with renowned Aztec medicine man Ehekateotl, about the true meaning of 2012. 2012 Prophecy explores the truth, lies, myths and possibilities that surround this date. Learn from the source and find how you can discover what you can do to not only survive in challenging times, but to thrive. Contains interviews with experts like Shaahin Cheyene and Daniel Pinchbeck.

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Coast To Coast AM: Remote Viewing Forecast 1-04-2011 Download Link

DOWNLOAD LINK: Date: 01-04-11 Host: George Noory Guests: Major Ed Dames, Charles Ostman, Dr. Ken Warren Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed the current cases his agency is working on, as well as provided updates on sunspot activity and military events around the world, including a possible terrorist attack on the US in which fuel-air weapons are to be employed. “2011, for those of us who live in the US, is gonna be about economic survival,” he predicted. Beyond that, Dames grimly declared that from 2012 to 2013, “we’re talking physical survival.” Dames outlined a series of events that his remote viewing team sees happening in the next few years. The first, starting this year, is an implosion of the financial market, creating a global economic collapse. Concurrent with that will be a worldwide influenza pandemic, which he suspects is currently about to enter into the beginning stages. Following these two dire events will be “the use of a nuclear weapon in anger” on the Korean peninsula. Since the North Koreans allegedly do not have the means to deliver an airborne nuclear weapon, Dames asserted that they have, instead, begun developing nuclear land and sea mines. Ultimately, this forecast culminates, “a couple of years from now,” with a solar “kill shot” that will devastate the entire planet. Pressed for any positive predictions for the future, Dames said that the “only thing” he could think of was that “after the dust clears, after 10 or 20 years

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Prophecy In The News Special On Apollyon Rising 2012, With Tom Horn (part 4 of 6)

Bob Ulrich of Prophecy in the News writes: I’m speechless. Tom Horn’s long awaited blockbuster, Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed, has finally arrived. I suspect there has never been a book written quite like this one. Shocking. Terrifying. Provocative. Edgy. Dangerous. Dare I say it could be the best book I’ve ever read? Tom Horn has been known to get a little “out on the edge,” but this book may make some people go “out on the ledge!” Seriously, this book will send a chill down your spine.For many years Americans have looked proudly at the words on our currency, “In God We Trust.” We’ve been told that America was founded by Christians seeking shelter from religious persecution. We’ve believed our nation has a Divine calling, a shield of protection that insulates us from the world’s starving inhabitants and Communist outposts. America is the land of milk and honey. That is why it hurts so much to question those four powerful words. IN GOD WE TRUST. Once you read Apollyon Rising 2012, you’ll be asking yourself the same question I am. What God are we talking about here? In our July 2009 issue I reviewed Brotherhood of Darkness, a book that exposes Freemasonry. A few of our subscribers took exception to some of the writings I quoted, especially the part where Masonic guru, Manly P. Hall, writes about “the seething energy of Lucifer” flowing through his hands! Or the haunting words of Masonic legend, Albert Pike, who

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