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2012 Predictions – Brooks Agnew – Earth Changes – Nibiru

2012 Predictions Happening Right Now & Proven by Scientists! This is a clip from the movie from the links below. Brooks Agnew speaks about 2012 Earth Changes, ect.

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Friday, December 16th, 2011 2012 Astrology 4 Comments

Proof that 2012 is the start of a new cycle or the end times?

The web-bot is predicting something catastrophic event or events in the coming year of 2012.

The prophecies made by the I-ching method of the chinese points to some end or new beginning in 2012.

The numbers 20 ( dualism ) and 12 (spiritual completeness) is important in the Bible and together they make 2012.

A lady (some cybil lady) living in a cave in Italy during the roman empire times predicted the end times (or possibly a new beginning) when " Men will fly in birds (jets) and there will be self-propelling chariots (tanks) and big ships like fishes (submarines)."

Science also backs this up the significance of 21st december 2012 as during this time the sun and the earth will be in alignment with the centre of the milky way galaxy (a black hole). This could cause a polar shift in a matter of hours causing natural disasters to occur when the shift happens resulting in global chaos and mass destruction.

Also a solar strom has already been predicted to happen in 2013 (after 2012) by the global scientific comunity which points out the significance of 2012 as the endtimes and/or the begining of a new cycle (as foretold by the Mayan calender way back a thousand years ago).
The above info has been taken from various sources which I have forgotten.

Anyway, even the history channel aired this on a 2012 show.
The above info has been taken from various sources which I have forgotten.

Anyway, even the history channel aired this on a 2012 show.

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Friday, September 9th, 2011 Prepper Survival 5 Comments

The world will end on a Friday Morning?

Do you belive the Myan, I Ching, Web Spider, ect about the prediction that something, be it the end of the world, will be happening around 11:15 GMT on 12/21/2012. As our solar system passes through the galatic belt, the sun and earth will be in alignment with the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Are you worried? Just another Y2k? Or will we finally meet aliens from another planet and have world peace for a minute, then they’ll nuke us?

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Monday, August 15th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 4 Comments

Will the world end in 2012?

I just read this information about the Mayan calendar of what came true about and it all makes since. But i know the calendar ends in 2012 it never says the "world will end" so do you think the calendar will start over?

1. The Maya predicted the return of "Quetzalcoatl" a white bearded god from the East, who had assisted them in setting up their great civilization; Thought to be a survivor of the legendary Atlantis. The Spanish conquistadors arrived on queue. It would appear the Maya were not expecting a god that would nearly wipe them out since they welcomed the conquistadors with open arms.…

2. The Maya predicted the existence of a black hole at the center of our Galaxy, a black hole they called "HUNAB KU"; their central sun and creator of all. In recent years, Modern Science confirmed the existence of a black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, from whence all matter comes from.…

3. The Mayan Calendar predicted a total solar eclipse for 1991 and 1999; they both occurred on schedule. These two events were used to synchronize our calendar (The Gregorian Calendar) to the Mayan Calendar. The end of the Mayan Calendar coincides with the Winter Solstice of 2012 (12-21-2012).……

4. The Mayan Calendar predicted an eruption of cosmic energy rays from the back hole would occur in 1992, twenty years prior to 2012. This energy would help create aggressive sun spots and bring increasingly hotter temperatures to Earth. We are now witnessing the affects now and our pollution is only making things worse. The cosmic energy rays were witnessed and confirmed in 2004.

5.The Mayan Calendar predicted a change of consciousness from left-brain thinking to right-brain thinking (Logical to Intuitive) in the same time period as above. From this, some deduced the melt down of the worlds paper currencies in a period between Nov. 2007 and Oct. 2008 as humanity loses confidence in the abstract (paper currency) and embraces the more concrete, such as gold and other precious metals.

There is no "End of the World" Maya prophecy for 2012; Rather, they predict the "End of the World as we know it". Great changes are expected to happen, including more natural disasters followed by a change in consciousness and a time of peace.

* 9 months ago

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Saturday, August 13th, 2011 Prepper Survival 10 Comments

Will life as we know it end in 2012?

Many prophecies have stated that the world will end in 2012. Coincidence?

*Mayan calendar, considered far more accurate than our own, ends on December 22, 2012. They predict a catastrophic event taking place.

*A Web Bot, created to predict stock market trends, predicts a worldwide calamity taking place in 2012

*The Chinese Book of Changes timeline ends in 2012

*Scientists speculate that a rare astronomical event will take place in 2012, but are not sure what exactly will happen. They believe that a newly discovered black hole in the center of the Milky Way will align with our solar system.

*The Hopi Indians predict the end of times when the "sun gets hotter" and "submersion" (rising oceans?) occur.

Are all of these predictions too similar to ignore?

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011 Prepper Survival 19 Comments

Do you think the world will actually end in 2012?

I actually think, it will change as we know it, but not end.
I’ve heard so many prophecies about the mayan calendar ending then.
Also a physic predicted a revolt against the government (I could have predicted this with my eyes shut).
But i just wish all the scientists would stop dismissing this black hole business and actually investigate it, the rumors don’t come from nowhere.
What do you think?

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 Prepper Survival 11 Comments

Thank you! for furthur developing my curiosity in space and theroies about hypothetical situations!?

I am a junior. 2nd in my class. I for some reason have quite a natural knack (Sp) for math and science. I come on here everyday during accounting to browse through the questions. While most questions are about 2012 the hoax of the century there are ones that send my imagination to the furthest extent. If i can recall one it was that if the earth came close to a black hole what would happen? I believe one response was but dont quote me on this that the earths time moves continously forward while the black hole is a singularity so while we were forced into the black hole wed forever be stuck in the instant before we were forced in. How brain racking is that?

The great questions use of imagination on everyones part here has led me into the interest as astronomy as my major in college for that i thank you ver much indeed. I follow my thanks with a few questions.

1. Without prior knowledge of the basics could i still succeed in astronomy in college?

2. What courses would broaden my horizons on this subject. I.E. which courses would i take that deal with astronomy?

3. What colleges have great astronomy programs?

Thank you so much!

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 2012 Astrology 4 Comments

Can anything happen….?

In 2012 we will be directly infront and closes we have ever been in 26,000 years to the center of the milky way and will be same distance from it’s black hole center.I just read it in ASTRONOMY April 2008 edition and I’m a little worried.Can we be sucked into the center?(I’m a moron so please be gentle)

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 2012 Astrology 9 Comments

Researchers now tell us the world will end 21/11/2018?

2012 will kill us all due to the arrival of the next solar maximum or a collision a passing planet called Nibiru.
It was never the full calender supposedly. But if we survive or our Earth does it’ll be sucked into a black hole anyway. 21/11/2018

Anyone actually believe this along with 2012??

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Sunday, June 5th, 2011 Prepper Survival 7 Comments

Will we all die in 2012?

I’m Ready for it but are we really going to die im just 14 but i really dont give a damn. Is nostrodaumas right? Did the Myan calender really predict it will the earth get sucked into a black hole? i need to know

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 Mayan Calendar 13 Comments