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For u, IS 2012 the END OF THE WORLD?

IT CERTAINLY SHOULDN’T BE! so many ppl are confused about what 2012 represents, even y2k didn’t insight such panic–TRUTH IS: the end of 2012 is the end of something, just not the world. the Mayans noted 5 key Ages of the World and we’ve been in the 4th age (age of Pisces (sprituality) since the birth of Jesus. His birth sparked a spritual movement, prompting all the religions that exist today. before that, there was the military Age of Aries. the end of 2012 will prompt the Age of Aquarius, which will be a time when ppl will have to depend on eachother more than ever. in this age we will find turmoil similar to "the great depression". i believe we will have more natural disasters prompting us to protect our sense of well-being and survival, but it won’t be the end of the world–the Age of Aquarius is the 5th and final age, i do believe we will see the end of the world by the end of the Age of Aquarius–ANY THOUGHTS?

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 2012 Survival 8 Comments

What year are we actually in?

The recent question on the Mayan calendar (ending in 2012) got my interest. Having studied astrology and several ancient calendars in the past, I now have to ask ‘what year are we really in?

Herod, who ordered the death of Jesus while still living obviously, died 2BC according to history while Dionysius (‘Little Dennis’ of Constantine fame) miscalculated by another 4 years. So we have 6 to 7 missing years already!

The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) tells us that this will happen. The Sabbath has been changed to a Sunday in prep for global Sun worship; the new year has changed to 1st january and we even believe (well, non or marginal Chritians at least) that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus!

Are we not in, at least, 2014? Can we use the Jewish/Chinese/Indian calendars etc to really establish the year? Using these facts and actual history, can you establish what year we are really in?
some excellent answers … tere are three issues here, God made nature and the year of our calendar is not arbitrary because using a changed year, all the prophecies line up and verify biblical events for evangalisation purposes!

I am trying to establish where the ‘lie’ is and how it happened!

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Saturday, December 4th, 2010 2012 Astrology 17 Comments

Did you know we are really in the year 2012?

When the first Calendar was made they based it on the birth of Jesus Christ and they were off by 3 years and never bothered to correct it.
So it is really 2012 and we all survived.

Your turn,
tell me something that is semi-important.

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Monday, May 31st, 2010 Surviving 2012 24 Comments