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2012 Pole Shift Disaster Survival

Shelter Quote (Free no obligation quote) The shelters are specifically designed by a leading Department of Defense contractor to protect occupants and provide a safe, sustainable long term living environment in the event of a disaster. The shelters are available in private, community and corporate configurations. The larger community shelters offer limited space for vehicles and can sustain larger numbers of occupants when units are interconnected. All shelter configurations share a unique design that provides a high strength structure that can last for more than 250 years with both safety and operational elements unlike any other underground shelters available today. These structures have been deployed for the military as well as both local and federal agencies across the country. With over 1100 shelters completed world wide this shelter solution is the top pick for many corporations and individuals across the globe with the foresight to plan for the future. If you don’t want to move to a community shelter you can get a free no obligation quote for a private or corporate shelter. Shelter Quote (Free no obligation quote) Check us out in the news:

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