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Top iPad Astronomy Apps – Keeping its sparkling treasures just far enough out of reach to tease humanity with visions of divinity and ambition when fire was the pinnacle of modern technology, the twinkling night sky has beckoned every dreamer ever born since time began. Now that we’ve set foot on the Moon and sent cameras up, up, and away to send back startling glimpses of galaxies far, far away, it’s easy for an Earth-bound stargazer to feel a little out of the loop. But here are couple of reasons why owning an iPad could be the next best thing to having your own Hubble Space Telescope. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 2012 Astrology 12 Comments

Your NEO (BHO) is speeding things up!?

Prediction one. The twenty-five-year equities bubble pops in 2009. U.S. and foreign equities markets will stop treading water and realign with economic reality. Stock prices will cease to reflect the “greater fool” mentality and will return to being a function of dividend yields, which have long been miserable. The S&P 500 will sink below 500. In a bid to stem the panic, the government will enforce periodic “stock market holidays”, and will vastly expand the scope of its short-selling prohibitions—eventually banning short-selling altogether.

Prediction two. With public pension systems and tens of millions of 401k holders virtually wiped out—and with the Baby Boomers retiring en masse—there will be tremendous pressure on the government to get into the stock market in order to bid up prices.

Therefore, sometime in 2010, the Federal Reserve will create and loan out hundreds of billions of fresh dollars to the usual well-connected suspects, instructing them to buy up stocks on the public’s behalf. This scheme will have a fancy but meaningless name—something like the “Taxpayer Assurance Equities Facility”. It will have no effect other than to serve as buyer of last resort for capitulating smart-money types who want to get out of stocks entirely.

Prediction three. Millions of new retirees—including white-collar people with high expectations for a Golden Retirement—will be left virtually penniless. Thousands will starve or freeze to death in their own homes. Hundreds of thousands will find themselves evicted and homeless, or will have to move in with their less-than-enthusiastic children. Already strained by the rising tide of the working-age unemployed, state and local welfare services will be overwhelmed, and by 2012 will have largely collapsed and ceased to function in many parts of the country.

Prediction four. “Quantitative easing” will fail to restart previous patterns of lending and consumption. As the government sends out additional “rebate” checks and takes ever-more drastic measures to force banks to lend, hyperinflation could take hold. However, comprehensive debt relief via a devaluation of the dollar is even more likely. This would entail the government issuing one “new” dollar for some greater number of “old” dollars—thus reducing both debts and savings simultaneously. This would make for a clean slate a la Fight Club.

As there are many more debtors than savers in the U.S., the vast majority would support devaluation. The Chinese and other foreign holders of our bonds would be screaming mad, but unable to do anything. Every country that has not found a way out of dollar-denominated reserve assets by 2012 will see its reserves eliminated.

Prediction five. The government will stop pretending that it can finance continuous multi-trillion-dollar deficits on the private market. By late 2010, the sole buyers of new U.S. Treasury and agency bonds will be the Federal Reserve and a few derelict financial institutions under government control. This may or may not lead to hyperinflation. (See prediction four).

Prediction six. As the need for financial industry paper-pushers declines and people have less money to spend on lawyers and Starbucks (SBUX), unemployment will rise until the private sector has eliminated all of its excess capacity and superfluous or socially needless jobs. The government’s narrow unemployment figure (U3) will rise into the high teens by late 2010. The government’s broader unemployment figure (U6) will cease to be reported when it reaches 25 percent—it will simply be too embarrassing. Ultimately, one in three work-eligible Americans will be unemployed, underemployed, or never-employed (e.g. college grads permanently unable to find suitable work).

Prediction seven. With their pension dreams squashed, and their salaries frozen or cut, police and other local government workers will turn to wholesale corruption in order to survive.

Article on Seeking Alpha


I hate to be a downer, but how on earth are we ever going to get out of the national debt. BHO added ~trillion this year. That is four times Bush’s worst deficit.

He isn’t NEO. He isn’t the one. He is speeding up the demise of the USA. Is it in the name of reparation?

This is NOT hope or change it is more of the same with a greater magnitude.

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Monday, September 5th, 2011 Prepper Survival 3 Comments

Teens your opinion on 2012. plus bq?

I was watching a show on CNN about 2012. And I deli Ed how out of control this is getting. They did show some interesting people like
• these two Swedish guys are building a colony on this mountain for people who survive 2012 if it happened
• this guy in Arizona is going to throw himself off a cliff at exactly11:11 on that day because that’s when the winter season starts
• and this one guy who has a successful internet site for what you need to survive. Like rice, gas mask, flashlights. And he swears he ain’t doing it for the money
• and some people are building fall out shelters under their house. How is that gonna help if there is an earthquake?
I really don’t get it. Why would you wanna live if billions are dead? You will be eating canned goods And rice for the rest of your miserable life. I think Christians are to blame when it comes to this becoming a bigger deal than the y2k scare.

Bq1: would you wanna live of of rice and canned goods for the rest of your life?
Bq2; who do you think is responsible for this thing becoming so out of hand?
Bq3: how many days can you eat canned goods and rice until you get tired of it?
Bq4: on a scale 1-10 how scared are you because of this?

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Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 9 Comments

Who agrees with me on this?

With the 2012 federal budget battle in full swing, I see it like this: I would rather borrow 40 cents on the dollar for the next two years or so rather than rush the process of making some of the most drastic cuts in history while we are still recovering from an economic recession. Whether we start cutting billions/trillions now, or in two years, we will still not be able to balance the budget for decades. Why not wait a little longer for the economy to get back on its feet before we start considering cuts that will undoubtedly have an effect on the recovery process. You cannot tell me that cutting billions/trillions will not cost jobs and will not hurt the common low to middle class citizen. It is simply impossible, whether directly or indirectly, the cuts will do damage. Take, for example, a mother who was laid off from her original job of twelve years and now has to work 2-3 minimum wage jobs to survive and uses government-funded programs to watch her children while she works. Making these cuts may or may not affect the woman directly, but cutting the programs she uses might force her to lose her job(s) due to not being able to find someone to watch her children, or may force her to give her children to children’s services because she feels she can no longer take care of them without help. Either way, she is affected. There are literally a dozen examples that could be offered as to how drastic cuts could affect the recovery process and reverse the gains we have begun to see.
This is one problem Americans have always had and that showed quite evidently in the 2010 mid-term elections, we demand things be fixed on the spot, no matter what the consequences may be. We gave this administration less than two years to fix one of the worst economic situations in American history, an economic situation that took a decade to get ourselves into. It has only been two years since the recession (the worst since the depression) occurred. If it took years to get out of the Great Depression, and back then, the country was smaller in terms of both population and economics, how can you expect us to be ready to make drastic cuts less than 2 years after such a devastating economic disaster?
It is also disturbing how people blame Obama for the deficit, as if he amassed the 13 trillion all on his own. This has been happening for a long time, funding two major wars for a decade can easily take credit for a large part of it. In my opinion, Obama’s plan was good given the circumstances, he put together a budget, proposed investments in education and energy (the future), and began to attack the deficit with a precise scalpel instead of a chain saw.
I would rather borrow now rather than try these cuts and drive the economy into a depression. As you said..we have flooded the market with paper to stop the downfall. There is no way we can do it again. We have ONE chance to climb out of this. Before these cuts were proposed things were looking up. unemployment fell to 8.8% and is expected to be at 7% within the next two years. The stock market has been rallying and pay-freezes are being removed. Slowly but surely it was getting better. If we make these cuts and it goes downhill….we will not be able to recover. Mark my words.

Like I said, i would rather borrow (since whether we cut now or in a few years it will still be YEARS, no matter what, before the budget is in order) rather than risk it.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 Prepper Survival 5 Comments

2012 Plan. Listen Close Former KGB Agent Explains the Brainwashing of America 1980’s.mp4

Haarp Scailer Dead fish dead birds BEBE arkasas Mississippi. FEMA New madrid faultline. Earthquake Volcanos Weather changers Bird kill. Death ray. Media end times. The globalaists. Drill. we are in trouble Dead. reset world. 90% Depopulation vaccine shots militia Civil war… 2012 Solar storm Fraud. Killer sunspots. millions billions trillions rockefeller world order secreat weapons cia bio weapons. BP OIL SPILL Ammo test CFR Bilderberg

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Monday, March 7th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

Why do liberals think Obama care will survive?

Even know the repeal of Obama care want make it out of the senate this go around but it could in 2013. I don’t see democrats picking up seats in the house, I see republicans taking the majority in the senate in 2012 and I don’t see Obama getting re elected in 2012.

I don’t see Obama care making it out the Supreme Court intact. I think the mandates will be stripped from the law and the law will fall apart. I see the 5 conservative judges ruling the mandates unconstitutional.

If the mandates live through the Supreme Court by luck, you’ll see 20-30 states passing legislation to block the mandates and Obama can waste billions of tax payer dollars to sue the 20-30 states. The mandate will never survive one way or another.
All i see is liberal talking points, This law will bankrupt the country but i see no one cares, this law is unconstitutional and again no one cares. You liberals one day the constitution want be there cause the likes of you.

Jokes on you: Your right, The same judges that Obama attacked last year is the same judges will rule the constitutionality of Obama care.

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Sunday, January 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 15 Comments

Which do you choose if this happened in 2012?

It seems the 2012 theory has proven eerily true. Astronomers say that within 6 months of March, 2012 there will be a cataclysmic impact by an asteroid. Also, as we speak, it seems that the sun has begun emitting far more energy than every before – this is causing heat waves across the globe, and severe storms all over the equator. The world as we know it, is doomed. All week long the TV has shown the Emergency Broadcast over every channel, and now they finally announce it: the plan to save mankind. Well, actually there are two…

Scenario 1: You and billions of others across the planet are given the chance to board experimental space crafts bound for a possible endless drift through the galaxy and beyond. The basic necessities are provided for. These crafts have been engineered by the top minds of the 21st century to withstand extreme temperatures, use every known renewable energy source, re-create a clean water cycle, and safely house up to ten thousand people each. However, the odds are you will never see Earth again as the space crafts are not equipped to make any movement other than strait forward. The crafts will not be ready for liftoff until 2-3 days before impact is expected. On top of this, the reserves of UV light exposure are only permitted for the growing of food. You will live in a simulated 20-30% amount of what normal day-light would be. Escape pods are only to be used when a safe, terrestrial planet is within a reasonable distance.

You are allowed to bring only THREE items along with you… Probability of survival 79% — Stay with me.

Scenario 2: You are driven 7 miles underground with a group of 200,000 local residents to a developmental bunker, linked with many similar bunkers around your country, that are more like very sophisticated ant mounds, powered with particle fission energy and unlimited amounts of UV light. Because of the effects that the impact may have on the atmosphere you may never be able to return above ground. The basic necessities are provided for. All sense of time may be lost after the impact of the rock headed toward our planet, if we even survive it. The vehicles that will transport you and the others will be ready in 4 months time. After 5 years, certain parties will be selected to venture above ground in search of arable soil, and other surviving colonies. You are told that this is the only way to remain on Earth with the likely hood of returning to its surface (but obviously it being a drastically different place than when you left it.)

You are given free reign to bring up to 30 items of value with you… Probability of survival 65% Now: Please make your choice.

Any other futuristic escape plans? Please share =)
NOTE: The title of my question clearly defines the following text as hypothetical, so stop telling me it’s not true. I know that, that’s why it says "IF" this happened.
@NINJAFISH: copy & paste!? I wrote this earlier tonight thank you very much.

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 2012 Survival 7 Comments

Dreams about the end of the world? What does that mean?

I keep having these dreams where the sky turned black and the Earth starts to shake. Billions of houses, buildings, etc. get destroyed. After that happens, volcano’s start to erupt and huge title waves swallow cities and everything else. On top of that, the sky opens and Jesus/God comes down from the heavens and meteors fall out of the sky and hit the Earth.

What does this mean? I’m not really a believer of the end of the world in 2012, i just think that there is going to be a great change that’s going to be a new beginning.

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Monday, January 10th, 2011 2012 Prophecies 10 Comments

what are your veiws on the yr 2012?

my father heard about this thing in 2012 about how the world is going to come to an end and every1 is going 2 be in like 5 dimension and 21 million or less are going to survive from billions from naturale disaster ect……and now my fam including me is all scared and stuff… i was wondering waht u think about this……….. is it real and ect… friends think its bull but u never know right…… here is a link to a video ……

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Saturday, November 20th, 2010 2012 Survival 29 Comments

Is 2012 REAL OR FAKE!?!?

Well I was searching on the internet and lot’s of people are saying "The worlds going to end in 2012" will you survive!! and take shelter!! and its realy getting me freaked out.. i mean the worlds pretty young actually.. and I dont want it to end is planet nibiru real!? I mean why would they make such a BIG deal about it if it’s not going to end like, they made a movie about it, and nasas talking about it, and there are billions of videos about it when you search it on Youtube and there finding signs of it in egypt!! what do you think!?

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Saturday, October 16th, 2010 Prepper Survival 20 Comments