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Solar Astronomy session for school students – organized by Karachi Astronomers Society 23-04-2012

Karachi Astronomers Society, April 23, 2012, organized presentation and Solar astronomy session for students of Education Bay School, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi. KaAS Participants: Zain, Mehdi, Ayaz, Ebrahim, & Asim.. supported by all members of Karachi Astronomers Society.. Around 100 students and their teachers overwhelmingly participated in presentation by Zain and the following solar astronomy session in which they watched sun through telescopes, for the first time in their lives.. The un-ending intelligent questions from the students were there to increase our faith in Pakistan talent and potential.. signs of promising future of our country in Astronomy & Space Sciences .. It was very happy to note that a large group of junior students (grade III or so) kept us persuading to include them in the activity .. which we couldn’t because of limited time.. May be next time inshaAllah. Last but not the least, we are grateful to the administration for anticipating the importance of this vital field of science, and healthy activity.. they well coordinated it in a time when exams were very near. In a nutshell.. it was a memorable event .. for everybody.. Special thanks to our Dr. Akbar whose newly purchased telescope SkyMAX 180 was used in the event. Please also see interesting blogs (by Zain Ahmed & Ebrahim Haq) covering the same event posted at KaAs site.. here is the link

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Monday, April 30th, 2012 2012 Astrology No Comments

Global Astronomy Month 2012 Sunday

Crete Astronomy Friends’ Club an affiliate of Astronomers Without Borders participated in Global Astronomy Month. SUNday is dedicated to observing the Sun,and raising people’s awareness about our nearest star. Because of bad weather conditions SUNday was April 8 this year for us.

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 2012 Astrology 1 Comment

Astronomer’s Paradise

It’s cold, it’s dry, the air is thin. The nearest city is miles away across a barren landscape of boulder-strewn hills. At night, the only lights to guide you are the stars in the sky. Astronomers, welcome to paradise. Known as the driest place on Earth, Chile’s Atacama Desert has long been recognized as an ideal spot for ground-based telescopes. The skies are free of light pollution, and the high plains enjoy long stretches of steady atmospheric conditions, allowing astronomers to peer deeply into the cosmos without having to worry about turbulence distorting the data. (Related blog: “The Dry Edge of Life—Studying ‘Martians’ in Chile.”) In the new time-lapse movie above, photographers Christoph Malin and Babak Tafreshi (founder of The World at Night, or TWAN, program) offer a rarely seen glimpse of Cerro Paranal, one of the high hills in the Atacama that houses instruments for the European Southern Observatory(ESO). Made by invitation from the ESO, the video includes more than 7500 still images taken between October and November 2011. It shows the beauty of the dark Atacama skies, sometimes framed by the four main domes of the Very Large Telescope, as well as a brief “behind the scenes” look at what telescope operators see from inside one of the domes. In an email to National Geographic, Tafreshi says of the Atacama: There are not many locations left on this planet where you can still experience a dark sky like this. I have been to similar dark skies in other continents

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 2012 Astrology 13 Comments

50 NEW Alien worlds/planets revealed by European Astronomers By Alan Boyle European astronomers have announced the discovery of more than 50 new planets beyond our solar system, including 16 that are just a notch above our own planet in mass. They say their record-breaking findings suggest that more than half of the stars like our sun possess planets, and that many of those worlds are less massive than Saturn. The pick of the litter is a planet that’s already been in the spotlight: HD 85512 b, a world at least 3.6 times as massive as Earth that’s located 36 light-years away in the constellation Vela. HD 85512 b is the only one of the 16 super-Earths on today’s list that is located in its star system’s habitable zone. That’s the area around a star where scientists believe water could exist in liquid form, which would make a rocky planet potentially livable. HD 85512 b’s status came to light a couple of weeks ago in a paper submitted to the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, but the team behind the discovery provided more details about that super-Earth and the dozens of other worlds in papers presented today at the Extreme Solar Systems II conference in Wyoming. The findings came from the team behind the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher, or HARPS, which is installed at the European Southern Observatory’s 11.8-foot (3.6-meter) La Silla Observatory in Chile. “The detection of HD 85512 b is far from the limit of HARPS, and demonstrates the possibility of discovering other super

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Thursday, October 13th, 2011 2012 Astrology 10 Comments

Mayan 2012 Doomsday Prophecy?

I am in Honor’s English 3, and we are currently studying Native American folklore, and what our next assignment is, is to pick a myth or prophecy, study it, and stand up in the middle of class and present it to the students as if we were telling a story, no paper to look at and no help once so ever. With 2012 approaching, I thought it would be suitable to tell the Mayan 2012 Doomsday Prophecy. What I need from you guys is, someone with knowledge in this area of history, to tell me more about the Mayans belief of the end, their calendar, how they thought their science played a part in the prophecy seeing how they were very educated astronomers, and anything that may be of use to me.
No I do not believe in this prophecy, so please do not answer back saying how stupid I am for believing in it. I just think it would be very suitable to tell this tale.

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 Prepper Survival 9 Comments

So can you tell me what you think about this?

I had a very interesting conversation with my mom’s sister when I talked to her yesterday,
I wanted her to explain to me the clairvoyance thing again, I know what it means, sort of, but I am still learning it, I know I do it but don’t know why!

So she told me that a lot of people have this ability, but they usually lose it at an early age,
one reason is that it was not strong enough to take hold in their spiritual awareness,
another reason is that the materialistic takes over, and occupies the mystic part in the mind of children and obscures it!

Like hundreds years ago, or even less, there was not the material consciousness that exists now, like no video games, cellphones, definitely no TV, no high rises, none of the stuff which we have to live with today, which it being the communication and materialistic age!

So People were in touch with their higher conscientiousness, like they had a link, to the grander scheme of things, like those astronomers knowing the constellation of stars and their meaning, without any instrument but their minds!
or being able to time travel in the future and have visions of what occurs there, like Nostradamus drawing the towers and their fall, and he was drawing sky scrapers
and futuristic cities, and that book with no writing, just empty pages, and the Mayans stopping with the time calenders in 2012…..

So probably Nostradamus did Astral traveling, which means the soul leaves the body and goes to whatever dimension it wants !

So in Norway, people living a more spiritual life, are much more connected to nature,
and the universe and they draw their power from there, where most people here in the US try to draw their power from material things, that is why their Spirit is empty.
My sister used to have it also,but she was scared to explore it, where to me I love Mystic,
that is why I am not scared,because I see the Universe as living and full of purpose, like a great mystical machinery,
and where some people just love their car and how it looks and how it performs,
that is how I love the universe, because it govens all life and Earth and on all other planets,
and when it has a certain constellation, like it will have in 2012,
there will be a major shift, I think it will be the beginning of the Spiritual Age, the Age of Aquarius,
That is what my aunt believes, a New Age, could be that those who survive will go back to living the Natural Way!
So this means we are leaving the Material Age behind and entering Spiritual Science!

It could also be the return of Jesus, or we might get a message from another intelligence,
but it will probably be the end of the world as we know it,
which is so OK with me, because this world needs a shift, but I think a lot of people will perish, because they are not going to get it, they are to caught up in their material illusions!

So maybe what I know how to do, will be a normal thing people can do, it being a Spiritual Science, it being already part of the New Age, where people have active communications with
Higher intelligence, and that way able to navigate from what is false and what is true!

it is like when for instance when you write me, I go beyond the words and pick up like what is really happening, and what you really do, when it is not masked by the words, so that is why when I saw your @Answers in Religion I knew it was fake, and that person was not living those words!

That is why it used to make me mad and I told you that a long time ago,
but I never get the whole picture, just my reaction to what I would feel if I knew the truth!

So that is what happens when I look at that picture of you in the suit at the wedding,
I see something, something else, sort of like a guy surrounded by lots of women,
which clashes with what you tell me of yourself!
Like a guy walking with a cane, going on disability, I sense something else, like when I look at that picture, it was the same as when I looked at your @A in Religion, something …..New Age,

I am actually glad that you are a normal guy, having a girlfriend in your past, going to the mall,
getting into issues with your family,
which Is good, but why the drama,? Of having me and my sister think you had all those phobias, were losing your memory, and slowly sliding out of your existence!
Were you said that you feared you would not remember me and you had to write me down on paper!

And that was in the days when your grammar was bad and I could hardly read what you wrote, but I knew what you were saying!

But now, the upside is that your grammar and spelling has really improved big time,
I have no problem understanding what you are saying, your spelling is pretty decent,
and you seem more like a interesting person, because you actually understand what they are saying on those programs!

So that is a big switch from the person from a couple of month ago,
when I really felt there was no use continuing even writing to you!

So that

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Friday, July 29th, 2011 2012 Survival 1 Comment

what is actually supposed to happen in 2012?

Okay so I was wondering, everyone seems to have different opinions about what is going to happen in 2012. I have heard people say the world will end like in the movie 2012, that it will not be the end of the world but the beginning of a new one, that the sun is going to die when the planets align, recently somone has said that there will be another ice age, and many more theories. I don’t really know what I expect to happen, if anything, but I was wondering if there has been any evidence at all that anthing will happen to the world in 2012. Wouldn’t scientists have tried keeping the whole 2012 prophecy from the public if it was actually going to happen so that there wouldn’t be a huge panic? I know no one can actually tell what will happen for sure but I was wondering if scientists or astronomers or anyone has predicted what they think will happen, if anything. I would also like to know how many of you actually believe in the end of the world in 2012? Thanks for any answers.

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Saturday, April 9th, 2011 Prepper Survival 11 Comments

omg! were all gonna die in 2012! what will we do!?

theres the myan calender theory and the second coming of christ and the apocalyse. im only 14 an d i dont like the fact that im gonna die b4 i turn 18. and some how i believe the second coming of christ thing. i go to church and i hear how my pastor talks about how were in the end of times and how the one world government ( which is forming as we type) will come together. and the endless war in iraq, got to mean something. im scared and dont know what to believe. and lots of ppl think the myan calendar ending is a beggining to a new error. well thats clearly wrong because astronomers or propheciers declare it as doomsday. when i was 5 all ppl were talking about was how 2000 would be it. now i really believe them for the 2012 one. dont you?.and please dont be rude im just a kid and dont know exactly what to believe

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Monday, March 14th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 8 Comments

End of the world 2012 ?

How does it make you think and feel that the History channel had the show on about the Myan calandar, as well as other past civilations, where their calandars stop on…………………………………
12-21-2012…What do you think could happen when the planets are aligned? Does it mean anything Spiritually?
Were these civilations astronomers or prophetic?

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 14 Comments

What do you think will happen after 20 December 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar?

The Mayan Calendar is the most accurate known to humanity, from any culture or period in history. Also, despite any reservations we may have about their culture, it is obvious from their writings that the Mayan people had an incredible grasp of astronomy and the movments of the planets and stars visible to our people. It comes to an abrupt end on 20/12 2012. This period is also considered a particularly interesting time by astronomers and astrologers because of the alignment with our solar system straight into the centre of our galaxy.Could it be the end of time as we know it? or could it signal a specific change in our planetary history and global culture? Please only answer this if your genuinely interested in the question. Thanks, Meta

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Sunday, December 19th, 2010 2012 Astrology 5 Comments