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Interview with San Jose Astronomical Association, 2012 Venus Transit at NASA Ames

Interview with Dan Wright of San Jose Astronomical Association during June 5, 2012 Venus Transit at NASA Ames Research Center. Dan with SJAA,, was one of many amateur astronomers who set up telescopes for public to view planet Venus as it transits between Earth and the Sun. Before transit, NASA Ames opened the Exploration Center (at Moffett Field main gate just off US 101 at the ‘Moffett Blvd NASA Parkway’ exit) and had Natalie Batalha, Kepler research scientist, described what Venus transit means for astronomy and how Kepler searches for earth sized planets. NASA Ames Exploration Center, Astronomy Picture Of the Day featuring the transit, Venus’ Transit and the Search for Other Worlds, Transit of Venus website, SF Bay Area Insider coverage of the Transit of Venus June 5, 2012 Interviews with some of the amateur astronomers, including Dan Wright and Al Stern. Nice coverage of the people gathered. http

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