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2012 is it really our Doomsday?Read this and tell me..?

Well this is a subject i believe that it is worth talking about and open a good conversation!
I was reading a few days ago that the Maya that predicted the "end" of the world they believed that it was a day of celebration!(Isn’t that weird).
The most possible way that we will die is a rain of sun rays.If that happens for almost 8-10 years we wont have electric power but our planet will be saved from all the bad things,1rst of all we wont have
cars,we will have bicycles.Second if we don’t have power we don’t have tv or any other electric device 3rd is the same with the second..if we have no power we wont have any S.Markets to buy food,the only food that we will eat is Vegetables (and IF we can find any good)so no meat because all the animals are dead which is a good thing because we will become vegetarians(I AM AND I WILL SURVIVE :p) Forth well the half planet will freeze to death and maybe burn to depends!So we will loose a lot of countries!
Fifth no water because all the pipes are controlled by electric so for a while we will be very dirty people :p
The worst is the 10year black out we wont have power or any light at all the nights so that wont be the best!That reminds of March 1989 something flamed appeared in the sky in Canada in Florida and Cuba the electric was shut down and 6 million people were without power for 9hours(because of the sun rays).Or the most violent rays in 1859 the called it the "Carrington event"from the name of the astrologist Richard Carrington who first understood what was happening.For 8 days the couldn’t reach(Communicate)each other.Or in 1983 the Air Force One the plane of the yet American President(Reagan)couldnt reach the "ground"so they thought that it was a Russian sabotage and maybe now we would had third world war..
So i hope i did help you with the information i gave now i just want you to tell me your you believe in our ending or no after all that??

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Friday, February 25th, 2011 Prepper Survival 13 Comments