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What is the Myan Calender that says the world will end in 2012?

Well, i know that the world ending in 2012 sounds a bit radical. And i do believe that it would be hilarious to watch the movie 2012 in 2013. llololololololol But I am a tiny bit worried about this whole "Myan Calender rnding at 2012" thing. Who are the Myans and WTF did they say that the year 2012 was going to be the end of the world?

FLASHBACK—– this year, i forget when it was, was supposed to be the zombie appocolypse, right? That sounds rediculous, right? I didn’t have a zombie plan either way. lol i still hid a giant extra sharp knife under my bed though…

Who answers my question and is either 8-18 years old? Tell please. I’m 13, and im afraid of my imagineation no matter what time it is. And of course, my imagineation takes over my brain, and im always thinking: what If? What if it does happen? Will i die? What will happen? Thats why im scared. Sooooo someone help me please. :^)

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Friday, October 28th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 5 Comments

European foreigner wants to study for higher education in an American college?

Hi everyone. I’ve never posted in this section before.

So here is the deal. I am 18 years old and live in Norway, Europe, and this year from september 2010 to june 2011, I will be taking my exams in all subjects. I moved to another city and therefore, there were not any open spots in the high school here, so I am finishing my subjects as a private student, which is necessary for me to even stand a chance of getting a higher education. After that, I may be going to the army for 12 months since its mandatory. So that means in 2012, I got to think forward(unless the world ends ).

I want to study in America, but I have no idea how I would get into a college. I hear that college is supposed to be preparation for University, but also that you can complete your studies there instead of going to a University.
Could anyone care to explain a little bit about what college really is? Although I think I have a basic understanding I would like to know more from Americans, or foreigners who studied in America.

The reason I want to study in America is because first and foremost America is the strongest and most important nation in the world in terms of Economic, military and political strength and it is vital for a guy with big ambitions like me and I want to learn to orient myself in a world more and more globalized(with America being the lead player).

Other questions I have:

1. What is the average age group of college students?

2. How is it possible for someone from Norway to get higher education in America?

Besides the military(maybe) and studies in America, I would also like to travel to Russia on a 12-month contract to teach english to Russian students. I have heard about companies that will pay ones ticket to Russia, pay foraccomodationn and pay 1000$ a month(more than enough to survive in Russia). The demand for english teachers in poorer countries are on much demand because of the lack of english-speaking teachers. This would expand my knowledge as I would get to learn the Russian language fluently and get a first-hand knowledge in their culture. Russia is like America a nation of great importance and it would only expand my mind, plus it would open up doors for the future. They also require nothing besides knowledge of the english language, which has always been my strongest subject and I do think that I master it pretty well.

All answers would be greatly appreciated. Please drop all your knowledge and feedback, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Monday, August 29th, 2011 2012 Survival 3 Comments

If you were in this situation which assault rifle would you choose from the ones listed?

You are an Delta Force soldier in Europe (FAKE situation) in the year 2017. The U.S., France, United Kingdom, Russia, and other countries government wants to collect information on the enemy because they are losing territory as the enemy gains more territory at an alarming rate and the U.S. Government and Allied governments want some desperately needed information that will hopefully turn the tide of World War 3 as it drags into the 5th year that at first (in the year 2012) looked to be an easy victory until an double agent turned on the U.S. government and leaked some EXTREMELY value able information to the enemy which gave them a MAJOR advantage such as where the U.S. government and Allied troops were located and their weak spots and they enemy planned and assembled a MASSIVE force of over 8 million soldiers, over 2.5 million land vehicles, planes, battle ships, and submarines and made a COMPLETE surprise attack on ALL friendly held territory front lines on land and dozens of sea to land invasions of huge sizes and it went downhill from there. You are sent over 270 miles into enemy held territory to obtain some desperately needed information on the enemy to hopefully turn the tide on World War 3 that means the very difference between deciding if the future of Earth is an absolute global Anarchy or a much, much, MUCH more civilized and safer world like it is today in March 26th, 2011 except a version of it in time in the year or a few years after 2017. If the information you hopefully collect is that value able gain back Europe, much of Africa, and most of Asia back from the enemy. You are chosen because you have an highly envyed and successful career as you enter your 14th strait year of constant military service. You started at 18 years old and you are now 32 years old. You have a very kind, trust worthy, brave, bold, helpful, open to ideas personality. When it comes to military work you change into a seemingly fearless, brave, bold, forceful, determined to maximum, strategic, very conscious, wise, and know all leader who always knows what is the right way even if it looks safe you know what the reality is even if there is NO physical evidence showing the danger you know what is really beyond the door at the end of the hall that could lead to a safe route to base or certain hell that is a trap. You were chosen because from the VERY start you were obviously way above the average 18 year old soldier, You were shooting and getting experience even before you were 7 years old from your legendary of a marksmen dad who retired at 54 years old after 30 years of proud, successful military service in the special forces and common military of the U.S. and United Kingdom. He trained you with weaponry not even available to most U.S. common soldiers or even some farely new special forces soldier and you got a feel with almost every hand-held weapon from light to heavy weaponry from the 1700’s to 2017 even the mini gun which you could barely lift when fully loaded and had NO control of in fully automatic. You learned the secrets to life or death in combat that was passed down in your family since your family members had at least a year of military service or training from the 1500’s to the year 2017. You had record-breaking and history changing marksmen ship with almost every weapon you held at 32 and you were a legendary hip-firing shooter with a pistol because you could quick draw a handgun or pistol so fast without aiming and ALWAYS hit it up to 300 meters away. You had a VERY successful successful (not a type-o) mission to loss mission rate that was 98% success and 2% failure rate and you have taken on over 850 operations for special forces and over 560 common military battles. You know how to survive almost every situation regardless what is happening and can lose your mind into thought no matter how loud it is and have a very great sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Well, you are part of a reconnaissance mission in Europe near the European-Asian border over 270 miles from European Allied controlled territory and 350 miles from Russian held friendly territory, The enemy has split the Allied controlled land between the European and Russian friendly held territory so Russia is fighting control land on the west, south-west, south, and south-east side, and the same for Europe-held allied territory. You are part of a very secret 820 man special force operation involving 200 highly equiped Delta Force soldiers. You are part of a 5 man squad at 11:30 p.m. Suddenly an enemy soldier sees you with advanced thermal binoculars and immediately alarms every enemy soldier in 5 miles of your presence. After 36 minutes of constant HEAVY firing between you and the enemy who is firing many bullets from machine nests, assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns (use pistol ammunition), Personal defense weapons (PDW; uses non-pistol ammunition), grenades, rockets from rocket launchers like RPG’s, pistols, and other wea
The radio man, Joe, your 24 year old brother that you personally picked, in your 5 man squad (1st Joe your 23 year old brother who is the radioman, 2nd Mike your other 26 year old brother who is the paramedic, 3rd Will a random 23 year old soldier you met at 3 years ago, 4th Paul a 32 year old who is a fluent speaking Arabian translater who is a personal friend you shot guns with while your dad trained you with weaponry of all kinds from 7- 18 years old which Paul trained with you, and 5th, but no least you) turns on his night-vision goggles to see since it is now 12:06 a.m. Joe gets up to see the terrain to radio command an accurate description of the terrain to give specific coordinates to get reinforcements since their GPS locaters and other locaters were left at base and it is too dark to read the maps and they are preoccupied shooting at the enemy to use their night-vision goggles to read the maps anyways. When he gets up he is spotted by a sniper and shot in the hand with a snipe

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Monday, April 11th, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments