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Survival Training: Fire lighting skills, video shot in Greece, Europe

Survival Training: Fire lighting skills, video shot in Greece, Europe More info @ Risks Inc. on Facebook We are now organizing our bodyguard / close protection training, SWAT training, kidnap and ransom and tactical firearms training courses in Greece, Europe. Our tactical training courses in Greece, Europe teach real world techniques and are aimed at serious students who will use the skill taught. The contents of the courses are drawn from our years of international operational experience, not theories we have been taught by others. These courses are applicable to those seeking to become bodyguards or security contractors and experienced tactical operators looking to sharpen their skills and learn new and proven unconventional warfare tactics. Our courses can demanding as we aim to improve our student’s operational capabilities as best we can in the short time they are with us. We also offer specialist tactical police training courses for agencies and officers that have to deal with the threat of narco terrorism, organized criminal and para-military groups. Risks Inc.’s tactical instructors are predominantly former military personnel with operational experience in counter insurgency and low intensity warfare in both urban and rural environments. Because of our commercial operation experience, we understand how criminal groups from the emerging markets think and operate. The law enforcement units that Risks Inc. works with in Latin

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Friday, November 11th, 2011 2012 Survival

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