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Prepare For Light Body 2012 Q&A Part 3 – Human Evolution

Website: more videos Video PlayList About The LightBody DR PILLAI: ACQUIRE A LIGHT BODY IN 2012 HUMAN EVOLUTION PART 3: Questions and Answers About The Light Body Question : After receiving the light body, can one immediately fly away into the heavenly realms and assist humanity in their evolution from there? or does one need to remain in the present situation? Answer: It’s a choice. Whether you want to stay here or stay anywhere else is your choice and the question of staying in one place is relevant only as long as you are three-dimensional material beings. As a Light Body, you can be present anywhere and everywhere simultaneously and time is not a factor at all. Distance is not a factor at all. So that question is not relevant to the Light Body. It’s only relevant to the meat body. Question: How does one prepare for the Light Body? Answer: It’s an important question because we don’t want to miss the boat. We can miss the boat, definitely by simply adhering to the materialistic model and getting lost in this world process. We have done this many times, but we don’t want to do it now because this is a very, very precious time and what is worth in life is evolution. And that evolution means the march towards pure energy from material existence. But if you just get stuck in the material realm and then are satisfied with it, then it’s a personal choice. Although nature is giving us a fantastic opportunity by giving us

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Thursday, December 8th, 2011 Prepper Survival

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