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Prepare For Light Body 2012 Q&A Part 2 – Human Evolution

Light Body Webcasts: more videos: Video PlayList About The LightBody DR PILLAI: ACQUIRE A LIGHT BODY IN 2012 HUMAN EVOLUTION PART 2 of 3: Questions and Answers About The Light Body QUESTION 1: Once initiated, how long does it take to develop the light body? The lower limit is the wink of an eye and how much daily practice is needed. The person asking the question is referring to the Bible where Paul said, “the corruption of the physical body will not inherit the kingdom but in the wink of an eye, the body will turn into light.” And that is the ideal situation. I want that to happen because Paul was not just guessing. He was informed by higher beings; in this case, Jesus: this is what is going to happen. So that is a gift from the divine. But then, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for that. There are initiations I have started giving to people. These are the techniques used by siddhas like Babaji, who is very well known in the West, to turn their bodies into light. There are so many techniques, primarily, techniques that you use in the area of your brain. How long does it take? Not too long. Meaning that it can be very short, as quickly as a year or two because of the threshold of the 2012. Beginning of 2013, it will be very easy. So 2012 is a preparatory period. And beginning of 2013 it’s all going to be very, very fast. QUESTION: Is there a time window in developing the light body or is there a deadline

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Monday, January 2nd, 2012 Prepper Survival

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