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FUTURE Prophecy: Prophecy, Prediction — INTO THE FUTURE. Is this the new millennium that we imagined? What of the resounding cry for peace that swept the globe in that clear dawning light of January 1st 2000? The events of September 11 have changed our World forever. Are we witnesses to the teachings foretold by ancient prophecy? Is our world sinking into chaos? Or is there hope for our future? We look for these answers in FUTURE Prophecy: We unearth the prophecy and prediction of ancient times, from the visions of an English witch and Nostradamus to the Mayan people. We study the messages they left to us and investigate the implications for today. Why were centuries old texts written by an English witch hidden from public view, locked away, only to be discovered in a library in Australia? FUTURE Prophecy: asks the questions of religious leaders and philosophers. We explore their views, including that of Rabbi Wolfe, known for his international best selling novel – Practical Kabbalah. We discover what experts in astronomy, archaeology and meteorology predict for our Planet’s future… Are there links between the prophecy of the Hopi Indians of North America and the astronomical discoveries of the Hubble space telescope? In an exclusive, FUTURE Prophecy: explains the latest attempts to map and predict global climatic change by scientists as part of the multi-million dollar ARGO project. FUTURE Prophecy: investigates answers modern day prophets have and discovers why

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 Nostradamus 2012

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