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Len Kastin Star-Gates & Project Serpo ~Seg 1

New Guard Network (NGN) presents Jesse Randolph and author Len Kasten in a conversation about the development of artificial star-gates, a major population consciousness shift about to happen, the deal made by President Eisenhower with aliens trading technology for the right to conduct genetic experimentation on American citizens and Project Serpo the alleged top-secret voluntary exchange program between the United States government and the Eben, aliens from the planet Serpo which resides in the binary star system Zeta Reticuli. In this extraordinary interview Len Kasten describes information inscribed on ancient ‘cylinder seals’ held in the National Museum of Bagdad may have been the real and primary objective of both Gulf Wars. Allegedly, these cylinder seals contain ancient extraterrestrial star-gate technology information given to the ancient Sumerians, who faithfully replicated the information in cuneiform text on the seals. Allegedly, the US military intervention into Iraq was motivated by the desire to control the stargate technology which allows users to physically enter or move material through time and into different time streams. An offshoot of this star gate technology is Project Looking Glass, a window into different time lines. The stargate technology, enables one to travel in time or send material back and forth through time; the Looking Glass enables one to view probable future events or what is occurring in a different time stream within the multiverse

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June 28, 2011

NGN!Tell everyone to watch,learn.Join the New Guard! After the truth!

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