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Is this a good script?

~The Twilight Saga.-
The year is 2013, and the world has just ended, and the vampires are the only ones left on the ruins of earth. Because 2012 didn’t destroy the planet. Just the things and life on it.
Bella’s dad is dead, and the other humans, and the other vampires are missing accept these people: Jasper, Emmett, and Edward.
The time is mid-day.
They are all hanging out at the Cullen’s.

Edward: Well now what do we do?
Emmett: Well I say find our wives..What do you think Edward?
Edward: I agree…There is nothing left for us..How are we going to survive???
Emmett: Well I prepared for this, look over here. -Pulls out a bag of blood.-
Edward: And you saved that?
Emmett: Yea..
Jasper: I’d say that would last us about a month at tops.
Emmett: Back to finding our wives..
Edward: Of course, and I propose that we search out what is left of the planet, and if all fails…
Emmett: We’re screwed.
Edward: Right..
Jasper: Let’s find Alice first, then Bella, then Rosalie.
Edward: NO! We will split up.
Emmett: Is that safe..
Edward: Nope, but since we’re going to hell after we die..If we find our wives, we’ll have a angel with us.
Emmett: That was deep man..
Edward: Uh..Thanks..

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Saturday, August 20th, 2011 2012 Survival

2 Comments to Is this a good script?

Breezy Daylight
August 20, 2011

Not sooo good… sorry. Just needs a little work!

August 20, 2011

Wait…what? I can’t tell if youre trying to make fun or if you’re serious.
Honestly, it’s terrible. Awful. I’m not usually one of those people who only write bad mean things on questins, but this took the cake.
BUT, I can see how, if you were imagining this played out in your head with little voices and everything, how it could be better.
But seriously.

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