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If Canada were annexed by the USA?

Ive always been intrested in Canada joining the US, and i have always wanted to write fiction based on that idea. I was wondering if i could get any ideas from forumers on the following trivial areas .

1) TV networks- If Canada is annexed, would channels like CTV, Global and CBC still exist, or would they be merged into NBC, ABC, etc? Which Canadian channels would be able to survive in a united North America? would any of them even be able to spread into the original American states?

IF you think certain Canadian networks would survive, do you think they would still have "national-level" newscasts that would compete with NBC nightly news and its ilk?

What would you envision a post-annexation TV channel lineup in say, Toronto, looking like?

2)Interstates- Would Canadian freeways be re-branded as interstates after annexation? Or would Hwy 401 and Deerfoot trail still retain their present names. I believe that interstate numbers in the USA only go up to the number 99 and interstates with three digit numbers are merely offshoots of main interstates….so how could any new roads be added under this numbering system?

3)Zip codes- As with interstates, i believe 5 digit zip codes already go up to 99999 or at least to a number close to that. How would a large number of new zips be added to that system?

4)Gun laws- As you may know, Canada deals with gun laws only on a federal level, while in the USA, each state may set its own laws regarding concealed carry, licensing and registration. After annexation, which Canadian states, if any, do you see passing shall-issue concealed carry systems? What type of licensing systems do you see each state passing? Do you think any Canadian state would keep the current Canadian federal laws?

5)Political Parties and Elections-Can it be assumed that upon a merger of the two nations, the Canadian liberals would merge into the Democratic fold, while Conservatives would merge into the Republican party? What about the NDP? Could you see it existing as a third party within a united North America?

How do you see each Canadian province voting as an American state? Say in the 2012 election, assume Romney runs against Obama…Would any Canadian province/satte favor Romney? Would there even be battleground or swing states North of the 49?

Thanks for any educated guesses or opinions you wish to share. i DO NOT want to debate the ethics of whether Canada should or should not join the United States, i just want some people who are familiar with Canada and Canadianisms to help me out here. Thanks

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011 2012 Survival

4 Comments to If Canada were annexed by the USA?

July 31, 2011

the USA have tried that twice already the canadians kicked there @ss both times, so i guess the canadians were not happy about the idea.

red top
July 31, 2011

it is a moot question, Canada is too smart to want to

July 31, 2011

It wouldn’t make sense for the US to annex Canada because you would just be annexing yourself!

July 31, 2011

Canadians don’t want anything to do with us.

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