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How will I survive 2012?

Really, how will the rest of us survive 2012? I’m really scared b that’s only 4 years away. I’ll only be 23 which is too young to die. I’m still trying to plan out my life.
sorry for the typo. I meant 3 years away b4 the Earth poles shift and we have an acopolypse. How to avert that?

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Friday, April 30th, 2010 Prepper Survival

5 Comments to How will I survive 2012?

April 30, 2010

Don’t worry about it. We were meant to die in 2000 and we didn’t, and we were meant to die last year and we didn’t. It’s just people trying to scare everyone else.
Take my advice. live life to the full. Treat everyday as your last. Then you will have no regrets if the world does happen to end.


April 30, 2010

ohh…ur one of those "arghhh its the end of the world" folks

April 30, 2010

What does the Earth Poles shift have anything to do with the world ending?

The only thing that means is that there will be a significant change in World Climate temperature, such as it snowing in West Africa and Canada turning tropical.

(That is if the change does occur, which there is no valid scientific evidence to support.)

Just live your life.

Diet Pepsi Max Fan
April 30, 2010

Did you try crossing your fingers and wishing it away?

Or you could educate yourself. That way, you’d understand how ridiculous your claim is.

zach Morris from bayside high
April 30, 2010

you means like goverment??

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