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Guys do you really think that the world might end in the year 2012?

Well as you can see so many people say and hear that the world will end in the year 2012 and i am kinda scared cause it so close but if most of you say yes then i will enjoy the last years of my life?

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 Prepper Survival

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November 30, 2010

Nothing will happen. The whole thing is an invention by a bunch of frauds and crackpots trying to get you to buy worthless books and videos. None of it has any basis in real science. The people promoting this have no knowledge of science. They just like to pretend to be knowledgeable in order to impress the gullible. Don’t be one of the gullible.
There is no ‘ancient prediction’ by the Mayans or anyone else. These were all invented in the last 20 years.
There is no ‘mystery planet’ about to pass by. Why don’t the fraudsters tell us its current location in the sky, so we can all look at it? You decide.
There will be no rare alignment, either planetary or galactic. When was the last alignment that caused us any problems anyway?
There will be no pole shift. A magnetic pole shift is not imminent and probably tens of thousands of years away. A sudden rotational pole shift is a physical impossibility.
The next solar maximum is expected in mid 2013, not 2012 and is expected to be less intense than the last maximum in 2001.
Other predictions such as the photon belt and Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero are just too silly to bother with.

Amiable Atheist
November 30, 2010

So, you just roll with the public consensus? Since when did popularity = truth?

Start by making your own inquiries. Start by looking at what credible sources have to say on this matter, such as what the real-life scientists at NASA have to say on this matter:

Jack P
November 30, 2010

Some reputable scientists do believe the world might be destroyed by 2012, but not because of a phantom planet or the Mayan calendar. They think it might happen as a result of reckless risks taken by CERN scientists at the Hadron Collider.

It won’t happen all at once. It might be happening now without anyone being the wiser.

There’s only a one in several million chance a black hole won’t dissolve, but they create that many in ten minutes.

Otto E. Rössler, a professor of physical chemistry in Tübingen believes they’ll create a black hole that might destroy the earth in 50 months, which makes it a 2012 event.

Other similarly respected scientists believe it mightn’t destroy the planet, but be restricted to a mere Chernobyl-like nuclear event.

No way of knowing what will happen when scientists take risks on behalf of humanity without seeking consensus among themselves. You’ve got to admit there’d be a poetic irony almost too sweet to resist if arrogant scientists created a 2012 they’d spent several years laughing about. Especially since it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t disregarded risks and trusted the equations of their hero icons while spitting on the cautions to go slowly by their more prudent peers.

Those sensible, responsible scientists who are concerned CERN will result in disaster have filed a lawsuit in US Federal Court in a probably futile attempt to stop it until there’s unanimity of opinion and consensus concerning the risks to be taken.

Unfortunatly the decisions to proceed won’t be made by average citizens struggling for a living with their 2.5 children. The decisions will be made by people you couldn’t trust to give you accurate street directions because they have nothing but scorn and contempt for average citizens and their concerns.

Far more dangerous to humanity than the ancient Mayans and astrologers they despise. Those out of control scientists created nuclear weapons, DDT, Chernobyl and countless other disasters and learned nothing from the experience except how to do it bigger, more arrogantly,and with less caution.

Other reputable scientists who agree:

Walter L. Wagner – Former Nuclear Safety Officer, Cosmic Ray Researcher and CBEST Math Champion
Dr. Habil. Rainer Plaga, Astrophysicist
James Blodgett, Biometry and Statistics, (MS, MBA, MA)
Luis Sancho, Philosopher of science
Dr. Richard Webb (Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering)
Dr. Raj Baldev, Theoretical Cosmology
Dr. Paul J. Werbos, National Science Foundation
Shahn Majid,Cambridge Professor, author of On Space and Time” with contributions by Roger Penrose

So who do you want to believe? Experienced scientists with many years of study in their respective fields or a ragbag collection of self-serving PHDs with vested career interests in getting the job done by taking irresponsible risks for all of us? The same ones who contemptuously refer to those with differing views as rednecks, kooks, lunatics and crazies?

Difficult choice, isn’t it? Ask yourself whether they’ve examined the merit of any view other than the one they brought in with them.

Otto E. Rössler, a professor of physical chemistry in Tübingen
"Biggest crime of humanity"…

A few scientists question LHC safety

November 30, 2010

Nope, not going to happen. The people who say it will end are just crooks trying to take your money.

November 30, 2010

don’t worry every thing is fine.

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