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Examining Severe Earthquakes in 2011, A Pattern? The “Serpent Trench” Prophecy

I recall some intel I came across about an old prophecy. I do not know where it originated from but thought this was worth noting in the wake of the superquake in Japan. I cannot recall the entire theory word for word but it went something like this: The firey serpent will erupt from the sun and enter hollow earth. Then it will begin its undulation along the circle of fire, triggering earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions. After its full circle is complete, the serpent exits through the center of its circular path back into the heavens. Applying this prophecy to the recent earthquakes this year, look at the locations of the severe earthquakes this year, all coming after we had X class solar flares and high solar activity. The “Serpent” enters hollow earth at the south pole, begins moving north through the ring of fire, triggering quakes in new zealand, then the bali sea, and now the superquake swarm in japan. Should this hold true, I would be most concerned next for northeastern russia or alaska. Ill be watching seismic activity closely. USGS: IRIS Seismic Monitor:

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8 Comments to Examining Severe Earthquakes in 2011, A Pattern? The “Serpent Trench” Prophecy

March 12, 2011

please Google Sabbath Truth dot org and all please learn about Gods Seventh day. The Seventh day = saturday and God wants us to observe it. Sabbath was made for man and NOT FOR JEWS. Go and study and discover the Sabbath is pointing forward to the 1000 Millenuim in Revelation… What has this to do with the Ring of Fire …everything…go and study and you will be amazed…

March 12, 2011

i’m sure someone will know something about your theory dragged from the depths of your memory and post it down here 😀

March 12, 2011

Shabbat not valid anymore. Lets see YHVH said it would be a law forever. Oh well guess YHVH changed his mind when the catholics decided to may sunday a
day of rest instead. Hum……..YHVH changing his laws can you trust someone like that.

March 12, 2011

i say this with love brother. the sabbath is one of the 10 commandments for which none were done away with.
Yahshua lived the commandments of Yahweh by example to us and how we are to live, not to abolish the law but to prove we can live happily by Yahweh’ laws. without law we have chaos. there is love in Yah’ laws. why would he take away the love. peace be with you and your household brother. Shalom

March 16, 2011

All with religious viewpoints please see videos by iseeittoo1 – may provide another perspective to all recent occurrences. We blindly are committed to religions that we are born into or read about – just a general statement. My belief is that the word of “GOD” is more the word of a “supreme being” – they are not one in the same. Science and religion have common beginnings there.

March 18, 2011

Poor Japan, its getting constant 5.0-6.0s all day everyday since the one that hit on the 11th.

w w w

March 30, 2011

That’s what I was thinking. Alaska next but based on gut feeling.

April 25, 2011

I had a dream (I’m not entirely sure yet if it was from God) but in it Obama announced that the ring of fire was going to explode and then the news said that the biggest city in the world is going to be destroyed. If irs true, I don’t think that it means city in size, but rather economic stature. Since Obama announced it, it could happen anytime until 2016. Again, I’m not sure if its from God, but we will see.

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