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end of the world?!?!?! details?

i recently saw like 10 documenteries on history channel and discovery and it seems that in december 12 2012 the earth will "end" according o myan and egyption and all these aciant culture writings and according to science the earth goes though a polorshift every sum odd thousand years and the nest one is in 2012…..


wtf is up

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Thursday, September 8th, 2011 Mayan Calendar

2 Comments to end of the world?!?!?! details?

September 8, 2011

Chill. Almost every culture tries to explain both the origins of humankind and to predict the ‘end of the world’. None of us can know anything for sure, so I suggest you live for every moment….love life…appreciate and feel gratitude for every little miracle in your life today…and leave worrying about the ‘end of the world’, should there be such a thing, to who/whatever guides the universe.

Veronica Alicia
September 8, 2011

It’s because the Mayan calendar didn’t go any further than 2012; it had to stop somewhere because the Mayans died out. Look at it logically, if you were calculating a calendar, don’t you think you’d have had enough and want to do something else after toiling at it that long?
I remember back in the 50’s it was definite that the World was going to end, and there was a guy who decided to climb to to the top of a mountain to await God and his Angelic band, so that he would be nearer to Heaven.
The "witching hour" came, still no God. The "witching hour" passed. Still no God. So the guy shot himself.
The World certainly ended for him at the appointed time!

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