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Don Apolinario 12 of 17 Mayan Calendar 2012 Predictions

Mayan Calendar 2012 Predictions 12 of 17 http However also there is a problem there too because in the United Nations it is not properly focused, the project of the Mayan Calendar because they have not consulted the Mayan Calendar. so really, the focus on the Mayan Calendar in the United Nations work now is seen more like a political and businesslike project and not as project for the well being of humanity and the planet. He wants to leave here a message with reference to this but of course we have to be very clear about what the changes have to be and what is happening in the united nations because if one is going to make the changes, they’ve got to be the correct ones. So therefore, the message and it is important to take note of this, this is the message that has breen brought here to England. So all the talks we have brought her, workshops, interviews and exchange of words in the last month and a half that we have been here in England there’s been a lot of analysis, a lot of reflection involved and a seeding of something that will evolve, materialize within the next year. Also the messages that came through on the tor when he celebrated the Mayan sacred fire ceremony on the solstice, June 21st. Very Important. And this message he is taking back to the wise mayan elders in Guatemala. He feels very satisfied with how the mission has been carried out and how everything has evolved. And let us hope that what happens in the future. And of

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Friday, April 29th, 2011 Mayan Calendar

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