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Coast to Coast AM – May 24, 2012 – Bigfoot/ET Tech and Dolphin/Tree Die-Offs Part 5

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed ET artifacts & dragonfly drone technology, a dolphin die-off in Peru, and the crisis of trees dying all over the planet. In March 2012, she learned from “Ted Connors,” (a Homeland Security subcontractor in Montgomery, Alabama who witnessed a dragonfly-shaped drone in 2007– see previous recap) that a new subatomic science called Attotechnology had been linked to the Palo Alto CARET project’s back-engineering of ET technologies. Over two segments, she interviewed “Sam Jones” who served in the US Army in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993-1994, and was witness to an astonishing weapon test that was described as “Atto.” Jones described a kind of directed energy weapon that could blow a hole in cement from 10 miles away, and was said to be capable of shooting a target “through the Earth.” She also played an audio statement from Connors, who’d been visited by NSA and Homeland Security, over his interest in an obscure book that mentioned “Oltissis.” He believes the govt. agents are concerned because the “Oltissians” may plan to return to our planet. Since January 2012 and ongoing into May, an estimated 1000 to 3000 dolphins and some porpoises have washed up dead on beaches off of Peru, for 100 miles. Linda spoke with dolphin documentary filmmaker, and director of, Hardy Jones, who learned that there is forensic evidence that the inner ear bones of the dolphins and porpoises have been broken. That means acoustical shock

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