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C2C:Gordon Michael Scallion Pt.SEVEN(04/14/08)

Visions of the Future & the Past Futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion returned to the show to talk about his visions of dramatic Earth Changes, Atlantis, the Pyramids and the current Presidential Election. “We’re moving towards a crescendo,” Scallion said, regarding the changes happening here on Earth. He foresees a move towards an “intuitive society” where people will be more group-oriented and less self-interested. Based on his visions of the past, Scallion described the elaborate energy system used by Atlantis, which he dubbed “a wireless broadcast of power.” This system harnessed power from the Sun via a series of giant crystals suspended inside “power domes.” The power was then stored in underground plasma chambers and broadcast into the air throughout Atlantis, powering all of their vehicles and other materials. Scallion also talked about his visions of how and why the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built. He claimed that, prior to the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis, all the great seers of the land knew a change was coming to Earth. In turn, they built the pyramid using the concept of the Egyptian leaders and the architecture of the Atlanteans. Scallion said that the pyramid was used as an observatory to “track back” what was happening on Earth, a communication system to other star systems, a temple of initiation, and an archive of records. Looking at future events, Scallion noted a prediction that he’d made in May of 2007 concerning the impending Presidential Election

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Monday, May 31st, 2010 Future Maps of 2012

2 Comments to C2C:Gordon Michael Scallion Pt.SEVEN(04/14/08)

January 19, 2010

Scallion very vague.. and spins everything around and never gives it to you straight. Read.. “worlds in collisiion” – Immanuel Velikovsky

March 5, 2010

Newton discovered most of his work through visions and oob/astral experiences as well.
Ive listened through to prt 12 and Im glad i found this v ineresting!

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