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2012 Wisdom of The Elohim — Part 9/12: Detachment and Loss

ABOUT PART 9/12 — DETACHMENT AND LOSS As Channeled by Rebecca Jernigan with Commentary by Marshall Masters Do we truly lose others, when all of us have existed in one form or another since the beginning of time? Or do we lose each other at the end of time itself? These questions haunt us, but the answer is simple. There is no end to it, just new beginnings and new futures to explore together. No two are alike and the future we are about to enter shall challenge us with a turbulent passage, but it also heralds something more important than surviving cataclysm alone. A better future just beyond the horizon of our furthest dreams and to reach it, we must endure this transit with courage, accept its brevities with grace, and share its meager gifts with compassion. Never forget. It shall pass. PRINTED TRANSCRIPT A printed transcript of this entire 12-part series is available. For more information, visit FREE MP3 PODCAST VERSION 2012 Wisdom of The Elohim is also freely available in the MP3 audio format. For more information, visit http

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