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2012 The Mayan Alignment, The Bible and the Return of Nibiru

There is more than one catastrophe coming to humanity. The Mayan civilization tell us about the 2012 galactic alignment, and the Sumerian civilization tell us of the return of Nibiru. I am not saying this WILL happen. But I am saying this COULD happen. Do your own research. So many people are disinforming about what is happening in 2012 and about the rerurn of Nibiru and the Anunnaki. Beware of conspiracy theories and people who base their information on crap that is most likely false. Research the information given. Base your belief on things that are based on fact, science, archaeological findings, and reliable researchers. If aliens wanted to destroy mankind they would have done it long ago. They are far more advanced… I do believe in what ancient history shows and what the credible researchers have discovered. I base this video on that.

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Thursday, September 30th, 2010 Mayan Calendar

6 Comments to 2012 The Mayan Alignment, The Bible and the Return of Nibiru

September 24, 2010

@InannaNibiru I’ve already researched it and my conclusion is that it’s misinterpretation, delusion and deliberate lies in order to sell the numerous books and dvds on the subject. The only recognised threat we face in 2012 is a potential increase in solar activity as the solar maximum is neared in 2013 but this happens every 11 years anyway. If you really want something to worry about do some research on Asteroid Apophis which could hit Earth in 2036…….BANG!

September 24, 2010

PS, I think your video has excellent production values so well done on that.

September 24, 2010

@piggypolice I know about that asteroid. They will figure that out Im sure. But really the galactic alignment is true. Look it up. Has nothing to do with selling any books. It really is there in the earths history. as is Nibiru.

September 27, 2010


The galactic alignment is true but back in bible times when the bible was wrote they spoke of a “SackCloth” that will cause the sun to turn dark and the moon to turn red. If this “SackCloth” is niburu it would make sense, the rock would blot the sun and the atmosphere would bend the longer red light rays towards the moon, causing that to happen.

Also Apophis is an asteroid that broke off from niburu from my understanding and it will litterally SANDBLAST the west coast of the USA

September 29, 2010

People can check it out themselves, download stellarium which takes 2 secs! It shows you were stars and everything are at that time. You can rewind and fast forward to certain dates…You can take away the earth, atmosphere and there you have It, an alignment of all the planets with the sun…pretty cool, check it out!!

September 30, 2010

@20mikeybhoy10 Oh yes I love that program.. I have that also its awesome and pretty accurate also. I use it a lot!

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