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2012 Apocalypse – 3 (HD)

2012 Apocalypse – 3 – Discovery channel (HD) With the excerpts of Roland Emmerich film “2012”. A promotional consideration provided by Columbia Pictures. December 21 2012. Doomsday fanatics claim that this is when life on Earth will come to an end. But what does science have to say about this looming apocalypse What real threats could possibly bring about cataclysmic changes on Earth in 2012. The Discovery Channel unweaves the mystery behind the 2012 apocalypse theory – the basis of upcoming movie 2012. The program airs on 18th November 2009 at 10pm (UK time) on th Discovery Channel. Here is a little reflexion about this “doomsday fashion” that explains the owner of ‘waytoomuchcrap” YouTube channel: [“Just some thoughts on the various ‘How to Survive’ shows on channels such as Discovery, History Channel, Spike, Science Channel, etc. Are they simply entertainment or is there something more to them? A subtle way to prepare the masses for an inevitable large scale catastrophe? Seems interesting that coupled with these ‘survival’ shows we also have an ever increasing theme of shows that cover such topics as the 2012 Mayan Prophesies, Nostradamus and his predictions, the Bible’s account of the end-times as read in Revelations and other biblical books as well as shows on the supposed Bible Code, and lastly shows that discuss how the Earth would carry on if the human species were to become eradicated or extinct”]. Read at: This documentary can

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